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Atkinson Engineering, Inc., provides consulting engineering services for residences. Our specialty is failure analysis in the areas of foundation and structural engineering. We provide engineering consulting and evaluating of existing foundations and structures, and engineering design for new construction, additions, and repairs. We have extensive experience (more than three thousand investigations and projects) involving the performance of foundations constructed atop the expansive clay soils that are prevalent in Central Texas.

The shrinking and swelling of expansive clay soils have caused extensive damage to homes in Central Texas. Are you concerned that your foundation may need repair? Please see our FAQ page.

Are you concerned that under-slab plumbing leaks may have damaged your foundation? Determining whether plumbing leaks have affected a foundation first involves testing the sewer plumbing. If hydrostatic tests show the possibility of sewer pipe leaks, then a hydrodynamic flow test will show how much the plumbing may leak under normal use conditions. See our Sewer Flow Test.

This web page is not meant to provide professional engineering services. Please contact a licensed engineer about your particular concern.


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